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Diesel's Concrete Cutting & Scanning Services
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Welcome to diesels concrete cutting and scanning. We are a business specialising in concrete drilling, cutting and sawing, as well as expansion joints, curb crossover cuts, hand sawing, concrete scanning, wall and floor sawing for residential and commercial projects and properties.

To cut or drill uses potentially hazardous equipment often within confined spaces so it is important to use skilled operators who understand how to work safely and professionally. Heavy work and dangerous jobs require the right kind of equipment and the right kind of and our operators are of the highest caliber, understanding the processes of the job from start to finish. That is why you can always expect top quality service from us.

Diesel's Cut & Core is a family owned and operated business servicing Brisbane and South East Queensland. We strive to provide a professional cost effective service for all of our clients on any scale. For personalised service call Daniel, the owner and operator for your requirements today.


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Concrete Scanning Service
concrete scanning imaging services concrete scanning imaging services Concrete scanning using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is non-damaging testing similar to the procedure used by fish locating technology. The main difference between a fish locator and ground penetrating radar is that the antenna of the GPR is broadcasting electromagnetic pulses. Electromagnetic pulses of the GPR are penetrating the surface under the antenna and they bounce off elements at depth. A signal is received by the antenna of the GPR and the information is presented on the screen of this machine as a response.

Concrete Cutting Service
Diesels Cut & Core is equipped to handle concrete cutting jobs of any size including small jobs, complex or even very complex requirements. We have a vast range of cutter machines with attachments that allow us to work in all types of environments.


Concrete Drilling Service
Concrete Drilling (Core Drilling) is the process whereby a circular hole is cut into a variety of types of concrete, brick or stone. There are many applications for these types of hole, but are most commonly used in the construction of property waterlines or powerlines. Diesel's Cut & Core has the right equipment for a variety of core drilling requirements.




Soff Cutting Service

Soff Cutting is a technology used for expansion joints on new slabs to control and lessen random cracking. The expansion cuts which can be provided with higher quality through soff cutting are needed during the early hours of green or fresh concrete and that is between 1 to 3 hours from the time the slab was poured.

Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing, also known as floor sawing or road sawing is a fast and cost effective way for cutting all kinds of horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, asphalt roads, runways, pavements, bridge decks, car parks, driveways, drainage ducts, factory floors, etc. It is utilised for many applications such as demolition of slabs, motorway construction, cutting trenches, road modification, cleaning and repair works.