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Concrete Cutting

Professional Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is great for small jobs, limited room or restricted access projects. A common example is making passage to a basement by cutting through a concrete foundation. This may sound very simple, however it involves the use of specially designed saws with diamond infused blades for professional results.

Types of Concrete Saws

Handheld saw, or demo saw, or power cutter (all the same thing) has a 16 inch blade and can cut up to 150mm. Ringsaw is also a handheld saw and can cut up to 250mm deep. The roadsaw can cut deeper with a maximum cut depth of 400mm.

These saws are also commonly used for trimming, demolition, cutting walls or windows, kerbs and footpaths. Most of the machines are petrol engine powered so they can be fast productive cutters or electricity powered to run indoors or in confined spaces. Because of the complexity of these machines, they need proper handling by a skilled operator who has the training and experience that is required for a safe and professional result of any project and that's exactly what you get from us.

"Diesel's Cut and Core has top of the range hand saws
for all types of concrete cutting jobs."

Highest Standards of Quality and Safety

Cut Concrete

The quality tools and other cutting equipment are used with a wet vacuum to control the slurry and harmful dust as well as to leave a smooth and clean finish every time. As an expert operator, we work only with the proper protective gear and safety measures required for all cutting and drilling operations in different environments. Concrete cutting, in part or in whole is thereby done safely, neatly and quickly. From start to finish your job is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety, including the removal of all unwanted materials. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in and around Brisbane.

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