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Concrete Drilling Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

(Core Drilling)

Concrete Drilling (or Core Drilling) is the mechanical process of drilling precise holes into any concrete structure orientation like walls, ceilings and floors. Diamond drills allow the operator to drill holes up to 35mm thickness in diameter and of almost unlimited length into reinforced concrete. These core holes can be used for a wide range of purposes but are more commonly used for utility penetrations like plumbing, heating, electrical wiring, air conditioning services, phone lines, computer lines, fiber optics, manhole taps, water pipes and sprinkler systems.

The core drilling tool or rig is made up of a steel tube with diamond segments attached to its drilling end. It is bolted down or anchored to the floor through vacuum pressure or a suction pad to avoid damaging the surrounding areas. This equipment is powered by electricity. Our operators are always keen to ensure a high standard finish and maintain high safety standards so we use wet vac equipment throughout this process.

"Diesel's Cut and Core uses a wet vac to control slurry for the cleanest possible finish of the job."

Diesel's Cut and Core carries a wide range of concrete drill sizes up to 350mm in diameter. Hand held concrete drilling machines are also utilised for smaller diameter holes in tricky locations or where a drill rig cannot be used. In doing this process of drilling perfect holes on concrete, Diesel's Cut and Core uses a wet vac to control slurry for the cleanest possible finish of the job.

Your finished job will always be to your satisfaction when you work with us. We will remove all drilled and sawed materials from your site ensuring that it is good to go for the next part of the process. Core drilling does not end with just the removal of the slug of concrete from the hole. Other processes follow for a complete removal operation. With a professional, who has knowledge of all these operations. Getting the job done with safety as a top priority to avert any form of hazard while delivering a fast and efficient service.



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