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Concrete Sawing & Floor Sawing Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

Concrete sawing, also known as floor sawing or road sawing is a fast and cost effective way for cutting all kinds of horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, asphalt roads, runways, pavements, bridge decks, car parks, driveways, drainage ducts, factory floors, etc. It is utilised for many applications such as demolition of slabs, motorway construction, cutting trenches, road modification, cleaning and repair works.

Road saws are powerful pieces of equipment that can accomplish seemingly mammoth tasks in fairly short time periods. They use diamond-edged circular blades to cut a variety of surfaces including roads and runways, slabbing and car parks. They are ideal when extensive repairs are required within a limited time frame and they are very effective in cutting service trenches.

Diesel's Cut and Core uses a variety of road saws in Brisbane with a number of different sizes including a powerful turbo diesel road saw which is capable of cutting concrete and asphalt surfaces up to 400mm deep. This road saw is a walk-behind cutting machine that requires only one person to operate it. This concrete sawing road saw also requires water in order to cool the blade and to control dust when being handled to carry out a clean, quick and efficient cutting operation. It is a rapid time-saving and energy-conserving machine because of how very easy it is to set up.

For these powerful road saws, it is required that a highly skilled operator uses or supervises the operation of the saw. Diesel's Cut and Core always follows standard safety measures in order to cover any condition or any site and get the job done proficiently, thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

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