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Concrete Scanning in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Concrete scanning using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is non-damaging testing similar to the procedure used by fish locating technology. The main difference between a fish locator and ground penetrating radar is that the antenna of the GPR is broadcasting electromagnetic pulses. Electromagnetic pulses of the GPR are penetrating the surface under the antenna and they bounce off elements at depth. A signal is received by the antenna of the GPR and the information is presented on the screen of this machine as a response.

This is the main reason why this machine can successfully detect tension cables, conduits, reinforcing steel, live power, plumbing services and other utilities inside walls and other materials. Concrete scanning is used to minimise the risk of hitting one or more of these services before core drilling or concrete cutting. Using a GPR machine is a cost effective way of reducing the risk of injury and/or costly repairs if services are hit.

Concrete radar is able to discover possible problems prior to cutting, drilling, coring or demolishing. Professional concrete scanning which we offer will easily produce understandable, precise and accurate imaging reports from all kinds of structures. Because modern buildings and construction sites are becoming more and more demanding and complex with a lot of out-of-sight components, it is extremely important to use GPR technology before making any modifications to detect all vulnerabilities related to electrical conduits, post tensioned cables, etc.

The scanning machine can determine slab thickness as well as find voids in concrete slabs and walls. Detecting the "exit point" for core drilling through suspended slabs can also be accurately determined. This device takes the guess work out of finding the exit point and possible damage or injury from concrete cores falling from height.

Our concrete scanning services use digital imaging software that gives us an unmistakable and clear vision of the concrete wall or slab for further processing and analysis for engineering aims. We can produce detailed, same day reports for site/building/centre managers to reference. With professional technology and expertise in concrete scanning, our aim is to deliver the best quality service in this industry.



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