Factors Affecting Concrete Scanning Cost on the Sunshine Coast

Factors Affecting Concrete Scanning Cost on the Sunshine Coast 1

As a home or business owner on the Sunshine Coast, it is important to know the factors that affect the cost of concrete scanning. Concrete scanning is a critical process that provides valuable information before drilling or cutting concrete, ultimately saving time and money.

At Diesels Concrete Cutting And Scanning, we understand the importance of concrete scanning and have listed five key factors that could impact the cost.

Size and complexity of the project

The size and complexity of the project can significantly impact the cost. A larger project with multiple areas to scan or a complex layout will require more time and resources, driving up the cost. On the other hand, a smaller project with simple layouts will require less time and resources, reducing the cost.

Accessibility of the scanning area

The accessibility of the scanning area can also impact the cost of scanning the concrete. Inaccessible areas require special equipment and techniques, increasing the cost. Similarly, areas with limited space require additional work and time to scan, increasing the cost.

Type of concrete

The type of concrete being scanned can also affect the cost. Concrete has varying strengths and densities, and denser concrete is more difficult and time-consuming to scan. Therefore, scanning denser concrete will likely increase the cost.

Level of detail required

The level of detail required in the scanning report affects the cost. Simple reports that provide basic information on the location of pipes and cables are cheaper than more detailed reports that identify the type and depth of pipes and cables. Note that the more detailed the report, the more accurate and reliable it is.

Need for additional services

Additional services such as drilling, cutting and excavation may be necessary after the scanning process. These services will add to the overall cost of the project, and it is important to consider them before the scanning process.


In conclusion, the cost of concrete scanning on the Sunshine Coast is dependent on several factors, including the size and complexity of the project, accessibility of the scanning area, type of concrete being scanned, level of detail required, and need for additional services.

We believe that educating our clients on these factors will help them make informed decisions when choosing our services. At Diesels Concrete Cutting And Scanning, we offer affordable and reliable concrete scanning services that guarantee your safety and save you time and money.

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