Concrete Scanning

We Use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) That’s Non-Damaging, Cost Effective & Reduces The Risk Of Injury & Costly Repairs.

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Professional Concrete Scanning Using GPR

Concrete Scanning

Are you on the Sunshine Coast and looking for reliable specialists in concrete scanning? Diesels Concrete Cutting and Scanning is ready to help.

Diesels Concrete Cutting and Scanning uses a GPR machine which is a cost effective way of reducing the risk of injury and/or costly repairs if other services like core drilling and concrete cutting are required.

We are a family owned business with over 10 years of industry experience. We’re compliant to the strictest Australian standards when it comes to concrete scanning best practices. Safety is our number one priority and we deal with every project with the utmost care and attention.

Concrete Scanning
Concrete Scanning

When is concrete scanning required?

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning may be required when:

  • Trying to locate embedded objects such as rebar, post-tension cables, or conduits

  • Assessing the condition of a concrete structure

  • Investigating potential damage or cracking in concrete

  • Planning demolition or repair work on a concrete structure
  • Trying to locate voids, honeycombs, or delaminations in concrete
  • Verifying the location of embedded pipes or other objects
  • Checking for settlement or heave in a concrete structure

Each of these situations can present unique challenges, and concrete scanning can effectively get the information you need to proceed with your project safely and efficiently.

How can concrete scanning help your project?

Scanned Concrete
  • It can help detect and identify any potential weaknesses or defects in concrete structures.
  • Help identify potential problems before they become serious issues.
  • By detecting hidden objects, voids, and cracks, concrete scanning can help ensure the safety of people and property.

  • It can help engineers and contractors plan repairs or renovations.
  • It provides a very comprehensive assessment of the condition of concrete structures.
Scanned Concrete
Ground Penetrating Radar

How is concrete scanning carried out?

Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete scanning is done using GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar which is non-damaging testing. With ground penetrating radar the antenna of the GPR is broadcasting electromagnetic pulses.

Electromagnetic pulses of the GPR are penetrating the surface under the antenna and they bounce off elements at depth. A signal is received by the antenna of the GPR and the information is presented on the screen of this machine as a response.

At Diesels, we use state of the art machinery allowing us to quickly and easily detect tension cables, conduits, reinforcing steel, live power, plumbing services and other utilities inside walls and other materials.

So if you are on the Sunshine Coast looking for the most reliable concrete scanning experts, contact us today and we will go above and beyond to help you.

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