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Are you looking for dependable, reliable and professional soff cutting services near you on the Sunshine Coast? We can help you.

Diesels Concrete Cutting & Scanning offers soff cutting service that’s compliant to Australian Safety Standards and prioritises safety and quality.

Soft Cutting Service

Soff Cutting is the technology that is used for expansion joints to lessen and control the random cracking on new concrete slabs. Random cracking is common and is an aggravating problem which is encountered during the placing of concrete surfaces.

This can also be a very costly problem and the cracks and chips can cast doubts on the quality of the concrete that was used and also the work that was done. Therefore soff cutting is necessary in order to prevent these damages from occurring which could lead to larger breakages and expenses in time.

The expansion cuts that can be provided with a much higher quality through soff cutting need to be cut during the early hours of fresh (or green) concrete which is between one to three hours from the time that the slab was poured. Cutting the concrete at its early curing stage with this innovative system relieves the internal stresses within the slab and that will minimise if not completely stop random cracking and chipping from occurring.

If you’re looking for high-quality, dependable soff cutting services on The Sunshine Coast and surrounds, contact us today.

Completed Soff Cutting Project on the Sunshine Coast

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