Wet Vs Dry Concrete Cutting

Wet Vs Dry Concrete Cutting

Wet Vs Dry Concrete Cutting: Which One To Use?

Wet Concrete Cutting

Wet concrete cutting is the traditional method of cutting concrete and involves using a saw or blade with water to cool it during the cutting process.

This ensures that the dust particles created by the saw are reduced, making it a safer and cleaner option than dry concrete cutting, which does not use any cooling agent.

Wet concrete cutting also reduces noise levels due to the water dampening the sound of the saw and helps to reduce cracks that may occur in the concrete due to heat generated during cutting. This makes it an excellent choice for cutting indoors or around other sensitive areas.

Dry Concrete Cutting

Dry concrete cutting utilises a diamond blade with no water-cooling agent. This method produces more dust than wet concrete cutting, so it is often used outdoors.

The advantage of dry concrete cutting is that it requires less time and effort than wet concrete cutting, making it a more cost-efficient option in some cases. Additionally, the dust created can be vacuumed using a special saw blade attachment, making dry concrete cutting a viable option for indoor projects.

Overall, wet concrete cutting is the preferred method we use at Diesels Concrete Cutting and Scanning. It is more hygienic and safer. We use water to keep our blades cool and a wet vac to clean up any slurry or mess.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast looking for a team of concrete cutters who are skilled and experts in concrete cutting services, contact Diesels Concrete Cutting & Drilling today.
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